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Explore our complete collection of articles on minimalism, the minimalist lifestyle, digital minimalism, and how to create passive income. Get inspired and empowered to live your best life with our library of articles on a variety of topics related to the minimalist life written by a team of writers from all over the world. Check back often for updates and new featured articles.

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  • Amulya - Freelance Writer - India

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Can we be happier by spending less money? We buy items that we really don’t need, depriving ourselves of hard-earned resources, even going into debt only to make the 1% affluent minority even richer. Apparently, many people aren’t aware about the widespread societal conditioning which puts a perpetual sense of lack in our minds. The human tendency to purchase more than necessary has been subjected to a lot of criticism.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

So, what drives many to work overtime in jobs they dislike? The issue lies in allowing ourselves to be influenced by advertising. We seem to get easily influenced by their environment, trends, and the opinion of others. We tend to feel a sense of contentment in one moment but experience a complete sense of lack in the next due to the inner monologue telling us that we need this and that. Our materialistic lifestyle could bring us status, respect, praise, attention, or short-term pleasure but at the cost of enduring pain and discomfort. The fact is we can exchange time for money but can’t exchange money for time. Is there any way out? Well there certainly is. It is called Financial Minimalism.

Financial Minimalism is the ability to perceive between necessity, practicality, and luxury to prevent ourselves from becoming prisoners of our own possessions. It is the process of embracing quality over quantity in terms of money. Simplification is the foundation of financial minimalism. This can be explained by an example. ‘Aaron’ was working a regular daytime job in an MNC based in Mumbai. He worked diligently and sometimes toiled for extra hours. He was earning a lucrative salary but still craved to earn more to upgrade his lifestyle. He used to spend almost 90% of his salary in maintaining his extravagant lifestyle which included living alone in a spacious apartment, buying expensive designer clothing and accessories, frequenting restaurants, paying monthly subscriptions for entertainment, and travelling to exotic locations. His insatiable desire to obtain more money forced him to take up a night shift job which paid him extra for working in a graveyard shift. This intensified his decision to spend more money and he ended up buying costly gadgets and upgrade to an expensive smartphone. But one day the harsh reality of life hit him as the government imposed an abrupt lockdown due to the pandemic.

After this, Aaron’s company halved the salary of its employees and he soon realized that he could no longer maintain his luxurious lifestyle. But this issue was only the tip of the iceberg. The major blow came to Aaron when he was dismissed from his job after one month due to the company’s declining sales because of lockdown. After that, he couldn’t find another job and ended up borrowing money from his friends, getting into debt and was left feeling terrified and anxious.

Aaron’s story can be a Wakeup Call for anyone who usually buys things they don’t need to impress others they don’t like with money they don’t have. I know it sounds cliché. If Aaron had chosen to live within his means, there would have been no need for a second job. Had he saved money for a rainy day, he could have been in a much better position both financially and mentally. Not only did the unfortunate event impact him economically but it also affected his mental health. When an individual lives an indulgent lifestyle without planning for the future, then it has dire consequences in the long run. It is precisely due to this reason that we should all learn to curb our spending and switch to Financial Minimalism. Today, many have limited disposable income after deducting essential expenses such as rent, food, and travel. We would be better served to remember that we don’t buy things with money but hours of our lives.

Consider how many hours of work it would cost to purchase the new smartphone or vehicle. The price of anything is the amount of life that we exchange for it. The moment we consider our expenditures through the perspective of exchanging our life instead of currency, we can we bring about change in our attitude towards money. The next time we decide to buy something, it is important to be mindful about the truth that we are paying for purchases with our time and labour. This mindset will lead to greater self-control rather than splurging money resulting in increasing the figures in our savings and investing accounts.

Reader, if you are living from pay check to pay check with low or no savings at the end of the month, then the time is right for a Financial Minimalism Spending Plan which offers tips to manage your hard-earned money better:

1) Create a Monthly Budget – In order to maintain a balance between income and expenditure, it is important to have a monthly budget. It will record earnings from all sources and then deduct the expenses from it. It will enable the user to monitor their spending patterns which will enable them to minimize all the non-essential expenses thereby boosting their savings.

2) Prioritizing Debt Payments – This will allow the user to keep their debts under control and not acquire new debts. The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps are a wonderful way to get out of debt and learn to remain out of debt.

3) Setup Automatic Savings/Investing – This step will allow the user to set it and forget it. They will later thank themselves for the compound interest.

4) Create an Emergency Fund – It is important to have and Emergency Fund which can be utilized for unexpected expenses such as repairs for the car or home, replacing damaged equipment or having an emergency dental procedure. Keeping an Emergency Fund will prevent the need to touch the hard-earned savings for any unplanned expenses.

5) Curb the Impulse Purchases – We are constantly bombarded with Marketing for products and services. We need to remind ourselves of our long-term saving and investing goals in order not to give in to Impulsive Purchases. Remember the basic rule which is ‘Money saved is money earned.’

The pandemic has taught us the importance of living a simple, self-sufficient life by cutting down on unnecessary costs. Financial Minimalism can help us rid ourselves of stress and unhappiness as it acts as a defence mechanism against economic dry spells thus protecting us from getting into trouble. Isn’t this an act of resistance against our materialistic society?

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  • Jessica Duncan - Freelance Writer - Canada

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Pharmacy (In)Accessibility

Ever wanted a specific health product from your local pharmacy or holistic health store but found you’re incapable of getting there? Whether that be because of a disability, a mental illness, or just good ol’ fashion lack of time, it can be frustrating not to have access to the products you want or need. That’s why is changing the lives of so many Canadians daily.

The ability to have access to a broad selection of curated, peer-reviewed products available completely online and delivered to your door is a tool that changes the lives of anyone finding it hard to put their health first. You’ll love their easy to shop website, their friendly and helpful customer care team, and their super-fast shipping that’s free in Canada for orders over $35. Overall, is making the lives of busy Canadians a little bit easier one order at a time. Their Mission is a Canadian e-commerce company located in Guelph, Ontario. This multi-use platform is life changing to so many Canadians who lack the ability, time, or other resources to have access to high quality health products. This is a company that prioritizes delivering wellness on your terms and making health more accessible to all Canadians. By allowing shoppers to purchase pharmacy grade items online, they ensure that you and your loved ones never need to compromise on the quality of health, wellness, baby and beauty products. They offer over 40,000 products and have Canada’s largest assortment of green & natural brands (on top of all of Canada’s household names). They deliver a quick, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experience, and are easily on par with Amazon with their swiftness and reliability (plus you’re giving your money to a Canadian company instead of an international one).

5 Ways Tackles Health at All Levels

Have you ever thought about what makes up your overall health? What categories should be considered in building a healthy life overall? According to our research, there are 6 main pillars of health and wellness. These pillars include: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social health.

While can’t tackle every single aspect of health and wellness, they’re certainly trying to! invests in their customers and Canadians at large by tackling health at all levels. There are five main ways they help Canadians lead healthier lives (currently only available in Ontario):

1. has their own pharmacy services. All you have to do is sign up to become a member. Pharmacy offers FREE prescription delivery, is available online 24/7, you can easily refill or transfer your prescriptions anytime. They also offer family prescription management. For someone who is busy, differently abled, or otherwise impaired, the ability to have your prescriptions delivered directly to your door can greatly improve your quality of life. This is only one of the many ways is helping change Canadian lives.

2. also offers a virtual wellness portal where all members can virtually connect with a variety of wellness professionals such as a naturopath, registered dietitian, or doctor in the comfort of your own home. These professionals connect with you through video or phone, with many of their partnering medical teams offering OHIP coverage. The portal is easy to use and information about the medical practitioners who the website partners with are transparent and easily researchable.

3. partners with a company called MindBeacon to offer affordable at-home therapy in order to help keep Canadian’s mentally well. and MindBeacon provide personalized therapy through your digital device that’s always guided one-on-one by an accredited therapist. They offer both guided sessions (where you complete the personalized plan an accredited therapist comes up with on your own) and live sessions with an actual therapist. You get to choose the way you receive your therapy, how you connect with your therapists, and fit therapy in at a time that works for you. Compared to traditional in-person therapy offices, which have high overhead costs that drive up prices, a guided therapy program or a live 1:1 session is a more affordable way for vulnerable people to access therapy. This is supporting the mental, social, and emotional health of Canadian’s.

4. also provides medical cannabis consultations. They’ve partnered with Bodystream Medical Cannabis Clinics to help you understand whether medical cannabis may be a therapeutic option for you. You can book a free virtual or in-person consultation to explore this option in more detail and trust that whatever information you receive is coming from an accredited service vetted by

5. also runs their own blog entitled Well Being that works to educate Canadians on health and beauty, sustainability, green living, mental wellness, and more. These blog posts are integrated with their shop in order to make direct product recommendations which relate to the issue you’re learning about. These blog posts are written by a team of experts in their varying fields (such as Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Lactation Consultation, Neuroscience, Chiropractic Care, and many more!) so you can rest easy knowing that the information you’re getting has been vetted by industry professionals.

Our Favourite Features and Products offers some of the best web features for easy shopping and some of the best minimal and sustainable products available in Canada.

Our favourite feature on the website by far is the icon feature. This feature uses small icons as visual aids while shopping to help customers quickly and easily categorize whether or not a product falls in line with what they require from their product. For example if you were celiac, and required food that was dairy and gluten free, the icons easily help you decide if a product you clicked on will work for you, without you having to waste time trying to read the product ingredients. This feature also works well for anyone who struggles with dyslexia, is visually impaired, etc. You can also search by these specific features to find products that are only natural, for example, or are only kosher. This personalizes your wellness shopping journey in a way no brick and mortar store could replicate.

These icons made it particularly easy for us to pick out our favourite products that are in line with Simply Simple’s values. We searched for a variety of things that were natural, organic, fair trade, and made in Canada. Here are the 5 best products that we believe could enrich the lives of you and your household:

1. Caboo Bamboo 2ply Toilet Tissue

Caboo Bamboo 2ply Toilet Tissue is tree-free toilet tissue, made from 100% bamboo & sugarcane fibres, and provides a sustainable alternative to conventional paper made from trees. It is biodegradable and whitened with H202, a natural alternative to bleach.


● 2ply

● 4 rolls, 300 sheets per roll

● Recycled cores

● Soft, strong and sustainable

2. The Humble Co. Adult White Toothbrush - Soft

Humble Brush is a toothbrush that will clean just as well and last just as long as your regular plastic toothbrush, with the added benefit of being better for the environment. With a 100% sustainable bamboo handle, Humble Brush is the eco-friendly and socially responsible toothbrush choice, as every Humble purchase funds projects for the benefit of children in need.


● Ergonomic grip

● High quality bristles

● 100% biodegradable

● Sustainably grown bamboo

3. Urban Spa Facial Sea Sponge

A gentle alternative to cosmetic puffs, pads and facecloths. Unlike most sponges, the Facial Sea Sponges are unbleached, so they retain their natural colour and will not exfoliate or irritate delicate skin around the eyes. Urban Spa's sponges are renewable resources that are sustained through responsible harvesting practices.

4. Guelph Soap Company Green Tea and Ginseng Hand Soap

A moisturizing liquid soap with no added colours or preservatives and with an uplifting citrus scent.


● Made in Canada

● Your favourite Guelph Soap now available in a liquid soap!

● Not tested on Animals

● Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Palmate, Glycerin, Parfum.

5. Minimal Natural Fibre Cutlery Set

Enjoy a delicious lunch with the Minimal Brand Cutlery Set, the most eco-friendly natural fibre fork and spoon, made from discarded rice husk material which are by-products of rice production, a renewable and sustainable resource. While strong and durable, the material will last for years. In time, simply recycle. When covered with soil, the natural fibre components will begin to biodegrade into biomass in 120 days!


● Fork and spoon set

● Eliminate the use of single use cutlery

● Top rack dishwasher safe

● BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free

● Scratch and chip resistant

Dimensions: L 141 mm x W 40 mm x H 18 mm

Overall, is a fantastic Canadian company that prioritizes helping you choose wellness on your terms. Comment down below - have you ever shopped at What did you think? Do any of the products above inspire you to be a little more minimal and sustainable? offers a Refer a Friend program for new customers. Please send us an email if you would like a coupon code for $10 off your first purchase of $40 or more.

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  • Hina Bilal - Freelance Writer - Pakistan

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

A Minimalist life provides the benefit of less anxiety about laundry. There are fewer items to launder if we have less clothing, bedding, and bathroom items. It's more eco-friendly and saves energy and time. When items are properly cared for, they will remain in good shape, have a consistent colour, and look good. In addition, the cost per wear will be lowered.

Here are some tips for maintaining our capsule wardrobe.

It's surprisingly easy to wash most dry-clean only items at home

Dry-cleaning is not only expensive, but it can be harmful to the environment, even with "green" dry-cleaners. To remove and treat stains, dry cleaners typically use toxic solvents.

The Laundress brand has a large range of specially designed products that are perfect for cleaning almost everything around the home. The products are convenient to use, as well as saving time and money.

Wool and Cashmere Care

All fleeces of wool, whether they're lamb, goat, alpaca, yak and/or camel, should be washed rather than dry cleaned, since dry cleaning removes the natural oils that keep them soft.

Washing wool is simple, All that is required is a clean basin, cool water, and the recommended amount of The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. The garment should be immersed in water and left there for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much cleaning is required. After 10 to 30 minutes, gently agitate the garment and remove it from the basin. Rinse it with cold water. As warm water can cause shrinkage, it is not recommended. The garment should not be wrung out. Try to squeeze out as much water from the garment as possible, and if one is available, use a salad spinner to remove excess water. It is best to lay the garment flat on a drying rack or better yet a clean towel, making sure to reshape in its natural shape. Wet wool should never be hung, as it will stretch. To speed up the drying process, lay the item flat on a towel and roll up the garment in the towel (like a sleeping bag). The fibre of wool can be damaged and shrunk when exposed to direct sunlight or heated sources such as a heater, so even if it is tempting, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heaters. Once dry, a steamer is recommended to remove any wrinkles.

The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray can be used between washes. This spray has anti-bacterial properties and will keep woollen garments fresh.

Silks and Delicates Care

Delicate garments made of silk, synthetics, lace, and embellished items, can seem terrifying because we have been led to believe that they are difficult to care for. But the care of delicate clothes isn't as complicated as we might think. We can easily care for such delicate garments by using a simple step-by-step approach to keep their shape, overall look, and colour.

While delicate Silk garments have traditionally been sent to the dry cleaner as per their care labels, there's good news: we can clean and care for them at home.

a. Handwashing

It is the same as with woollen fabrics. All that is required is a clean basin, cool water, and the recommended amount of The Laundress Delicate Wash The garment should be immersed in water and left there for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much cleaning is required. After 10 to 30 minutes, gently agitate the garment and remove it from the basin. Rinse it with cold water. The garment should not be wrung out. Try to squeeze out as much water from the garment as possible, and if one is available, use a salad spinner to remove excess water. It is best to lay the garment flat on a drying rack. Once dry, a steamer is recommended to remove any wrinkles.

b. Machine Washing

It is recommended to turn the garment inside out, place the garment into a garment wash bag. Select the delicate/gentle setting, cold water and add and the recommended amount of The Laundress Delicate Wash. When the wash cycle is completed take the garment out and hang it to dry. It is best to lay the garment flat on a drying rack. Once dry, a steamer is recommended to remove any wrinkles.

It is important to remember to not use hot water, a dryer and/or direct sunlight for any delicate garment because it can cause damage.

And the Rest?

They can be laundered in the machine as normal, but we do recommend the following Plant-derived laundry products from The Laundress to help.

The Laundress Dark Detergent

The Laundress Whites Detergent

The Laundress Fabric Softener

Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative

Final words

Each year, the EPA estimates that there is about 2,500,000,000 pounds of unwanted clothing thrown away in landfills. It's important to take good care of our wardrobes both for ourselves and for the planet.

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