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Money is just one aspect of investing. Time is also an important factor since compound growth can make a big difference. Compound interest grows your money faster since it is calculated on your accumulated interest over time as well as your original principal.

We have created a Compound Interest Calculator that will help you estimate the growth of your money with compound interest.

The following information is needed to calculate compound interest on a principal amount with or without periodic payments.

In case there is no additions or withdrawal the future value can be calculated using following formula:

FV = P (1 + r/n)(nt)

FV= Future Value

P is the principal investment

r is the annual interest rate

n is the number of times that interest is compounded per year

t is the duration of investment

In case there is additions or withdrawal the future value can be calculated using following formula:

Total = [FV] + [FVP]

= P (1 + r/n)(nt) + PP × Y x {[(1 + r/n)(nt) - 1] / (r/n)}

FV=Future Value

FVP= Future value due to periodic additions/withdrawal

PP= Contribution/Withdrawal amount

Y= number of periodic payments / compounding period (n).

An Example solved on the excel calculator is shown below for your understanding.

A person deposits an amount of $2,000 into his savings account. The bank offers an annual interest rate of 3% which is compounded monthly. The individual deposits an additional amount of $200 to his savings account at the end of each month. The future value of the investment after 10 years as calculated from the compound interest calculator comes out to be $ 30,646.99.

Here is a Compound Interest Calculator to help you with your Automatic Investment and Automatic Savings Plan.

Compound Interest Calculator - SimplySimple.Org
Download XLSX • 13KB



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