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  • Hina Bilal - Freelance Writer - Pakistan


By having fewer possessions, the minimalist lifestyle simplifies daily life and makes organizing the house easier. Cleaning is something most people must do under duress. It shouldn't be difficult to keep our homes organized if we keep everything in order. Keeping things organized and making our homes aesthetically pleasing can be challenging, even for the minimalist.

Here are some helpful tips that have worked for me when it comes to keeping my environment simple, minimal, and tidy.

Assess what you own:

The Minimalist home is a space where everything is in its place and served a purpose. If an item isn't part of a home's design, or can't be hidden, re-evaluate whether it belongs.

Remove any excess:

It's better to remove excess items such as unnecessary furniture, cleaning products, and any other items in the house to keep it more organized. Keeping only what is used regularly is a good idea.

Having a place to keep daily items:

Take the time to organize everyday items in a specific place so that they can be found easily when needed.

Declutter and Maintain:

In a Material World, we can easily be caught up in the never-ending process of decluttering only to replace the items almost as soon as they leave. Buying more intentionally is a skill that can be developed through practice.

Do not accept SWAG (Stuff We All Get):

All too often, we are bombarded with things we don't need. Rather than accepting yet another free marketing giveaway from a company, whether it's a mug, hat, pen, etc., say no.

Organize cable cords:

Once done using cables, arrange the cords in a tangle-free fashion and put them away. I recommend a Large Travel Cable Organizer.

Every item deserves a place to call home:

Once an item has been used, clean it, and return it to its original location. Not only will it keep the space tidy, it is also convenient for finding things in the future.

Make use of the available space:

To store boxes or containers, use the spaces, which are available, under the bed, under the sofa, and on shelves. This will help keep a home appear tidy and feel less cluttered.

Clean daily for short periods of time:

Rather than devoting an entire day on a well-earned weekend to cleaning, setting aside and hour a day to clean can feel much less arduous. Involve everyone who lives under the same roof, turn on some music and have fun.

Employ the clean as you go method:

For instance, washing the dishes while preparing a meal. Once it is ready to be plated, the sink will be empty.

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