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  • Hina Bilal - Freelance Writer - Pakistan

Let's Address The Most Common Misperceptions About #MINIMALISM

Minimalism has gained popularity, but this is not a trend, it is a lifestyle choice.

Minimalists are not allowed to own any items:

There is more to minimalism than just having less. It is about having quality, long-lasting items. A growing number of people are putting an emphasis on sustainability and zero waste.

Minimalist are all inhabit stark homes:

The minimalist aesthetic is not limited to white walls, silver sofas, and stylish lamps. It is true that there are some people who have all those things, but in the end, what matters most is the feeling your home evokes.

Minimalist are only allowed Neutral Colours:

There is a common misconception that minimalists only wear or decorate with neutral colours. Although many favour this option, there is no rule against using colours, including vibrant ones.

Minimalist all go to Extremes:

Minimalism is not about sitting in an empty room. There are varying degrees of Minimalism.

Minimalists are Miserly:

As a philosophy, minimalist does not mean miserliness or anti-consumerism. The key is to spend consciously and make more sustainable buying decisions.

Minimalists must follow Strict Rules:

There is another misconception about minimalism: you have to follow certain rules. Do what brings you happiness and feels right. No rules required.

Decluttering is minimalism:

There is a mistaken belief that minimalism only refers to decluttering. It is really a journey of adding value to one's life, reducing the items owned, and maintaining it. The cycle of decluttering and consuming yearly does not apply here.

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