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  • Co Written by Natasha (Guest Writer - Canada) & Hina (Pakistan)


A minimalist beauty routine is about reducing how much you use as well as how much time you spend getting ready. But at its core, it's about natural beauty. Natural beauty brings out the qualities we already possess. It isn't about completely ignoring yourself, or not wearing anything. Even a simple beauty routine can be an important part of self-care. The aim is to achieve an effortless, yet elegant, look that pulls out the most natural, honest, and generous elements of your natural beauty. A greater movement called Minimalist Beauty has gradually taken over people's lives, improving their quality of life. We want to share our tips to help you achieve a new attitude towards beauty and to re-evaluate your beauty rituals if you're just getting acquainted with the minimal beauty revolution.

Cleanser and Moisturizer

To clean my face, I use a simple, homemade olive oil mix.


1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2) Castor Oil

3) Shea Butter or 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

It's a simple recipe and I find it works great for my skin-about three parts extra virgin olive oil to one part castor oil. I also add a drop of melaleuca (tea tree) oil for its antiseptic properties. I splash my face with water in the morning, then moisturize with either Shea Butter (it smells divine) or with 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.

Natural Toner


1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2) Water

I like apple cider vinegar despite its unpleasant scent since it is a natural skincare secret weapon. It may sound strange, but ACV is antiseptic and antibacterial, helping you get rid of acne and blackheads, and balancing the pH of your skin. Aside from lightening age spots and fading acne scars, the product is SUPER affordable. This raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and distilled water should be mixed together at a 1: 1 ratio. I would dilute the mixture further with a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of ACV to water if your skin is more dry or sensitive.

Homemade Deodorant

Ever wish you could make your own deodorant? Well, now you can! All you need are two ingredients that you may already have sitting in your pantry:

1. Aluminium Free Baking Soda

2. 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Now that you have the list of ingredients, you’ll need to know the recipe! Here’s what I’ve found works best for my body.


1 Tablespoon 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

5 Tablespoons Aluminium Free Baking Soda

Mix the ingredients in a bowl using a spoon until the mixture becomes a paste. Put the paste into a small glass jar with a sealed lid, and leave it where you’d normally have your store-bought deodorant. Mine is used by both my husband and I, so one jar usually lasts us about a month and a half. When you’re ready to use it, take about a teaspoon worth of paste onto your fingertips, and massage it into your underarm. Cover the entire area and repeat for the other side.

I find that applying the mixture to the dried underarms right after a shower prevents it from clumping and can last at least 48 hours without having to reapply it. That’s considering I’m a woman, and I don’t usually do any major cardio in my day to day life. I reapply as needed.

It is worth noting that some people may have more sensitive skin than others. You can play with the ratio to find what works best for you. You could also add some essential oils to add scent, or you may wish to add it for its anti-bacterial properties. You can experiment with it until you find what works best for you. I’ve been using this recipe for two years and I’ve found it to be reliable. So reliable, that I haven’t had to purchase store-bought deodorant for two years.

By making my own deodorant, I’m saving money, I know the ingredients being applied to my skin, and I can use the same two ingredients for other recipes.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Well readers, this may be the easiest homemade product to replace a store-bought one. That’s because you only need one ingredient, and it may already be in your pantry!


1. 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

To remove eye makeup, just take a nickel size dab of coconut oil onto your fingers, and massage it under each eye, on each eyelid, and cover your eyelashes without getting the oil into your eyes (as much as possible). Use Organic Reusable Cotton Pads or a facecloth to wipe all the oil and makeup off of the eye area. It works like a dream! Then, continue your normal skin cleaning routine. I keep some of the coconut oil in a small glass jar with a sealed lid in my bathroom, and only dip my freshly washed fingers in it each time I use it. That way it stays clean for each use. I hope you enjoy using the coconut oil this way as much as I do!

The minimalist approach to beauty is about discovering the real you. As your beauty habits change and your lifestyle improve, you will have more time and energy for yourself.

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