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What are the Benefits of #FreezeDriedFoods from #ThriveLife ?

For many people, cooking, eating and sharing meals with family are some of the things that brings the greatest pleasures and strengthens family bonds.

Yet, for many of those who are concerned about the health of the planet, the preparation and consumption of food come with their own set of problems. One of the challenges we face is the sustainability of the food system.

There is no doubt that we love eating fresh food at home, striving to ensure that nothing is wasted. It's also very fortunate for us to have the option to choose what we eat, as many people around the world don't enjoy this freedom. Because of this, we wouldn't want to waste even a morsel of food.

A look at the statistics shows frightening figures when it comes to food waste. Canadian households throw out about $1,700 worth of food a year while their American neighbours throw out about $2,000 worth of food every year. If we take into account other sources of food waste, such as restaurants, grocery stores, farms, etc., these numbers can seem quite ominous.

Why #ThriveLife is the solution – simple, clean food

Some companies are taking the initiative to prevent food waste, ensuring that food waste in homes will soon be a thing of the past. In addition to #ThriveLife offering innovative solutions to preventing food waste, they also ensure that we don't have to spend countless hours planning, preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning up the food we eat each day.

It's interesting to think about how much planning and preparation is involved in the food we eat. When we’re not chopping vegetables or washing fruits, we’re cutting raw meat. We love food but many don’t really like the preparations involved. This was a problem Steve and Jason tried to solve with their company. Although everyone eats, Steve and Jason knew that meals must first be prepared by someone. Eliminating the stress of preparing meals and ensuring the health of our families with meals prepared from #ThriveLife staples was their goal. #FreezeDriedFoods was their solution.

The satisfaction of having a diverse food supply to feed our families is always gratifying. We recommend supplementing fresh, canned and frozen foods with freeze-dried ingredients from #ThriveLife. that provide great options in times of need. It's faster, easier, and healthier!

How did freeze-dried foods come about?

These are some interesting facts about freeze-dried foods...

  • Machines to freeze-dry foods and other products was developed during World War Two.

Are #FreezeDriedFoods healthy?

Freeze drying causes much less damage to food's nutritional value than other methods of preservation.

How are #FreezeDriedFoods prepared?

To freeze-dry any food, it is first frozen solid, the water is removed, usually via a vacuum pump and finally a heat source removes ice crystals. The finished product can retain up to 99 percent of its nutrition while weighing only 20 percent of the original weight.

What’s the difference between #FreezeDriedFoods and dehydrated foods?

Many opt to dehydrate foods at home for a variety of reasons. Dehydrated foods can be used for long term food storage as well as for everyday foods – foods such as Jerky and fruit leathers. The process of dehydrating foods involves removing most of the moisture. The moisture is removed by using high temperatures of heat that circulate around the food. Despite having a longer shelf life than fresh food, the result is an altered shape, texture, flavour, and nutritional value. The recommended storage life of dehydrated foods can vary.

#FreezeDriedFoods, on the other hand, are achieved by flash-freezing a food and then vacuum-drying it to remove all its moisture. As a result, the product has a longer shelf life than fresh food, while retaining the same shape, texture, flavor, and nutritional value.

Foods that are freeze-dried have a shelf-life of up to 25 years, when properly stored. With #FreezeDriedFoods from #ThriveLife, we can be assured that our foods will remain safe to consume for up to 25 years.

As a rule of thumb, if a sealed can of #FreezeDriedFoods is opened, the food ought to be consumed within 2 weeks to 1 year, depending on the fat content.

When considering the different ways to store various foods for both short and long term, #FreezeDriedFoods is a wonderful option.

What are the benefits of Thrive’s #FreezeDriedFoods?

Specially-formulated individual ingredients: Thrive's #FreezeDriedFoods contain individual ingredients so that we can prepare meals according to our own preferences.

No food waste: Food waste is largely caused by the short shelf lives of our foods. With Thrive #FreezeDriedFoods, this scenario is avoided as the freeze-dry process gently removes moisture and locks nutrients, so that our food stays naturally preserved.

Simple meal preparation: The entire meal preparation process is extremely simple. There’s no need for cutting, peeling, slicing, or shopping due to the fact that those processes have already been completed.

Short- and Long-Term storage: Thrive #FreezeDriedFoods can be used for both short-term and long-term storage.

The Tale of Two Bananas

The Tale of Two Bananas is very illuminating. Which one is fresher? The one in your local grocery store or the freeze-dried one sold by #ThriveLife?

Did you know that the bananas (and other fruits) sold in our local grocery store are generally picked extremely early and then artificially ripened, which contributes to its early spoilage so soon after if is purchased?

#ThriveLife picks its fruits from places vetted for their quality and by their ability to grow in their natural habitat. They are allowed to ripen naturally and then flash frozen before freeze-dried, thereby locking in its nutrients.

How does #FreezeDriedFoods help us?

Food Shortages caused by disruptions in supply chains: This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 Pandemic when food shortages sparked panic buying. The shelves of the supermarket were bare. It was largely a logistics issue. To contain the pandemic, shut down measures and transportation restrictions severely affected food supplies. #ThriveLife provides us with options.

Natural Disasters: Most people will be affected by some by type of natural disaster in their lifetime. The #FreezeDriedFoods from #ThriveLife provides us with options and allow us to be in control of our family's survival whenever this happens.

Power Outages: For those of us living in areas prone to power outages, having #FreezeDriedFoods can be a lifesaver when there is no power.

Water Main Breaks: Clean water can be limited commodity during water main breaks. This can greatly affect our ability to cook and prepare our meals. This situation is avoided by investing #FreezeDriedFoods that require little to no water to prepare. #FreezeDriedFoods can be snacked on right out of the can.

Illness/loss of employment: Loss of employment or illness can be one of the most difficult experiences people encounter in their lifetime. The loss of a job can also lead to financial problems, such as not being able to purchase groceries. By investing in #FreezeDriedFoods from Thrive Life Foods, we are providing #FoodInsurance for ourselves.

Busy schedules: Thrive’s #FreezeDriedFoods is changing the way busy professionals eat. The overwhelming demands on our time can make preparing healthy meals challenging. #FreezeDriedFoods is a wonderful alternative to fast food.

What is #ZeroWasteCooking?

The number of creative solutions to food waste is on the rise. With a bit of planning, it is possible to reduce waste from meals at home, helping to ensure a more sustainable kitchen. Zero-waste dining is simply the idea of not wasting anything. The concept means leaving as little food and packaging waste as possible when preparing meals.

Is #ZeroWasteCooking really possible?

Despite the fact that we may not be able to completely eliminate waste from our meals, we can create a sustainable kitchen. Sustainability is challenging in our current food supply chain, owing to the sheer abundance of processed foods. In reality, #ZeroWasteCooking is part of a larger movement to reduce food waste on our planet through sustainable living. In other words, we are choosing a brand that will help us accomplish what we can with the resources that we have at our disposal.

Final Thoughts

#ThriveLife is your premier source for healthy, convenient, and cost-efficient foods. Their #FreezeDriedFoods are the future of the mealtime experience.

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