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What is #Canva & Why Do So Many People Love It?

Canva is an online design and publishing tool that allows users to easily create a wide range of projects. For graphic designs such as like logos, flyers, YouTube thumbnails, etc, Canva is the tool to use.

Is Canva Free?

One of the best features of this design tool is that it is free to use, with the option to purchase graphics and photos a la carte for a small fee. Canva also offers a subscription service starting at $16.99/month. However, for most, the free version works just fine

Canva is an amazing design tool made for non-designers. Easy usability seems to be one of the highlighting features of this tool that attract users. Today, over 30 million people use Canva every month to create stunning graphics for social media, blogs, and print without having to learn a complicated suite of software tools. Oh! Did I mention that it’s free? I think I did.

What are the Benefits of Canva?

Ever needed to create graphics for social media or print projects? If no, consider a change. Did you know that by adding an image to their Twitter posts, users can boost their engagement? That means more clicks, favorites, and 150% more retweets. Enough of the basic, old, text-only tweets.

Is it ever frustrating to search for the image sizes for social media graphics, only to be disappointed when the images are cropped weirdly when posted to Twitter, for instance? Canva makes creating graphics and documents in many standard sizes a stress-free experience. Plus, there's no need to open a "Pro Tool" to add watermarks to images or create simple quote graphics.

What are the Main Features of Canva?

● It is free to use

● It’s cloud-based, so there's no need to download any software

● And if users would rather design on the go, there’s an iPhone and Android app available. If they have both, their designs would be synced between the two on their account. It’s actually very easy to get started.

How Do I Get Started on Canva?

It is as easy as visiting and creating a free account using an email address, or either a Facebook, or Google account.

Is Canva Easy to Use?

Canva is incredibly easy to use.

Does Canva offer Tutorials?

Canva offers wonderful tutorials to help users at

One that we found very helpful for beginners is

How do I create my First Design on Canva?

Users who opt for a Pro Account can set up their Brand Kit with their brand colors, fonts, and logos. Users with a free account will simply need to choose the right colours and fonts manually each time. While having a Brand Kit is an extremely useful feature to make the design progress effortless, Canva does show users their recently used fonts and colors each time they log in to create a design.

With or Without a Brand Kit, a user can create their first design by clicking on the “Create a design” button at the top right hand of the homepage or by clicking on the search bar for a particular type of graphic or by using one of Canva’s recommendations.

As with the homepage, the editor is quite similar in the layout. Canva has an intuitive editor

Does Canva Have a Drag and Drop Feature?

Canva's drag-and-drop interface, professional layouts, and predesigned templates allows anyone to design consistently stunning graphics. There are lots of timely-seasoned templates available for users to choose from. There is a full set of features to help users along – icons and shapes that they can drag into their designs. Canva has hundreds of fonts available to choose from.

This tool has millions of professional, quality photos and illustrations that users can just drag into their layout. Many of these photos are free and the ones that aren’t free only require a small fee to use. The images be found using a keyword search. Once found, the drag and drop feature can be used to add these images onto their canvas.

Users can have fun with their photos. Canva offers borders and layouts for making photo collages. This feature is called grids. So, users could drop a new grid onto their canvas and then pop new photos into each of those.

Canva also provides photo filters which can be applied consistently to multiple images. Users can also upload their own vector photos and use them across multiple documents using the upload tab. The upload tab allows users to choose images from their device’s internal storage, Facebook, or Google Drive if they opt to connect those accounts.

When ready to share their designs, users can export these designs as JPEG, PNG, or even PDF to send to their printer.

Once a user starts to play with the interface and all the available tools, they can have fun creating with Canva. No Graphic Design skills needed.

Canva is also a useful tool for the professional designers. For example, they can create designs for their clients in Canva and direct the clients to make text edits or swap in photos, leaving the pro designers to do what they do best – the higher-end design work. This can be especially powerful with the Canva Pro Product for Work.

What Features Does Canva Pro Have?

Canva Pro offers many features which will make upgrading from the free service worth the investment.

The Brand Kit

Canva now allows Pro users to have multiple Brand Kits. The Brand Kit feature allows users to save all their brand’s colour palette, logos, fonts, sizes, etc. This means users don’t have to find the hex code for the right shade of purple, for example, when designing anything. This makes their branding consistent across their social media.

100 GB Cloud Storage

Canva Pro offers users 100GB of cloud storage, significantly higher than the 5GB cloud storage available to free users.

The background remover

The background remover allows users to instantly remove the background from any of their images.

The Magic Resize

This is a one-click resize tool that automatically resizes the dimensions of designs for specific social platforms or when creating posters

Premium assets

Free Canva members often discover an element or photo which perfectly suits their needs, but can't access it as it's a Pro feature. An upgrade to a Canva Pro Membership can prevent this from happening.

Join Canva Today

For those interested in creating attractive and engaging graphics, Canva is the tool to adopt.

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