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  • Hina Bilal - Freelance Writer - Pakistan

There Are 7 Types of #MINIMALISTS: What Type of #MINIMALIST Are You?

Minimalism means different things to different people.

The definition of minimalism is so diverse. This will depend on the motivation behind a person's decision to become minimalist, as this can differ from person to person.

Economical/Frugal Minimalist:

Their primary concern is financial stability, saving, and investing more money to achieve financial goals, buying quality items only, that add value to their lives.

Nomad Minimalist:

Their main priority in life is freedom and they prefer to value experiences over possessions. They like to travel, and for that, they put aside a permanent job, or house to attain that experience. Often, all their worldly possessions fit into one backpack or their vehicle.

Eco Minimalist:

Their primary motivation is to live in an environment that is healthy and environmentally sound. In their opinion, overconsumption of things can have a detrimental effect on the society, and the planet. As a result, they choose the minimalist lifestyle in which they use less water, fewer clothes, and accessories.

Extreme Minimalist:

There is a lot of overlap between this lifestyle and that of the nomad-esque minimalist. A striking difference between the two is their love of challenges. Some seem especially attracted to participating in 30-day and 6-month challenges. There is a tendency for most to count their possessions. Consequently, they become less dependent on physical objects, reducing the number of products they can use over time. In the end, they are left with very few of them. They appear to feel more at peace when they possess fewer possessions. It is a journey and a process that they enjoy.

Aesthetic Minimalism:

An aesthetic minimalist strives to keep a living space as clean and clutter-free as possible. Their focus is on minimizing their possessions, along with living with less. Individuals who adhere to this concept live simple lives. Clean environments provide them with peace, and they try to keep their belongings to a minimum. In such minimalist households, the possessions are stored out of sight.

Gradual Minimalist:

Their goals are not clearly defined, but their goal is to adopt a style that is less hustle and live a life with less. While decluttering excessive possessions, they gradually move into minimalism. As a result, they are able to adapt to the lifestyle better than if they jumped in wholeheartedly.

Mindful Minimalist:

Mindful minimalists measure everything they own by its delight factor. Decluttering helps them to find happiness related to their possessions.

Regardless of the type of Minimalist you are being more intentional in what is important.

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